Carving large projects can be a hassle, but with tiling, Easel makes large projects easier.

How it works

In order to trigger tiling, you need to be carving a material bigger than your machine work area in the Y direction.

A new tiling menu will appear in the material library dropdown in the top right screen in Easel.

Tiling Menu 

Selecting a tile from the lengths shown will preview what Easel will carve in both the design and 3D preview panel.

Enable Tiling 

Using tiling

  1. Make sure you've entered the correct size of your material.
  2. Select the part of the design you wish to carve from the tiling menu Tiling menu
  3. Use the preview to double-check which part of your design will carve.
  4. Follow normal carving procedure.

NOTE: If you are carving the nth tile, use the first step of the carve modal to see how much you should shift your material in order to carve the next tile.

Prepping your material

  1. Use material that can be aligned and shifted easily (straight left edge recommended)
  2. Mark offsets shown in tile menu before starting the carve
  3. Create a guard to slide material against. A 48" level can be used as a guide.
  4. Reuse your last work position in the carve walkthrough when carving your second, third, etc. tiles

Known Issues

  • Even small deviations in the squareness of your CNC or material can result in tile carves not lining up perfectly. Square carefully!
  • You must use tile overlap while V-Carving