Live cut list optimization

We added real-time optimization to the Easel Cabinetmaker workflow to make it clear to see how the impacts of nesting and optimization decisions affect the output, so cabinetmakers can have more context and confidence going forward into the manufacturing stage.


The Optimize tab will always reflect the total materials needed to manufacture the current design. It will update in real time based on changes to the design, or the optimization settings. The Estimate tab will similarly reflect the total materials and hardware required for the entire, current design.

Once you’re ready to save a cut list for fabrication, it will be available in the Manufacture tab. The Optimize tab will continue to update as changes are made to the design, but saved cut lists will not be affected.

We will continue developing this workflow during and after testing. As testers, we are eager to hear feedback from you on your experiences with the optimization process and using cut lists.