X-Carve Pro Spindle Pause

New firmware for X-Carve Pro machines

Our newest firmware update for the X-Carve Pro improves the response from the machine when the user pauses a carve. For access to this firmware and functionality, interested X-Carve Pro users will need to sign up using the link below. There will be a staggered roll-out process before this firmware is made available to all users.

The new firmware will cause the X-Carve Pro spindle to stop moving upon pausing a carve, the spindle will then stop spinning, before raising to the user's safety height.

Upon resuming the carve, the spindle should lower to the appropriate height, start spinning, and then resume carving from the same location where the job was carved.

To properly utilize the new firmware, users should note the following:

  • Users must home their X-Carve Pro when connecting or powering on the machine to enable spindle pausing.
  • Pausing, resuming, and canceling a carve can be done from both the HMI and by pressing the pause/resume/cancel buttons in the Easel interface.

This firmware should not impact or change any other functionality or behavior with your machine or with Easel.

If you are interested in using the X-Carve Pro Spindle Pause firmware, please sign up here: https://easel.inventables.com/features/x-carve-pro-spindle-pause