Project Archiving (ZIP + SVG)

Easel now offers the ability to export an archive of your project. To use this feature, choose Download ZIP from the File menu in Easel:

Archive menu option

When you choose this menu option, you'll be presented with a popup asking if you want to export all workpieces, or just the active workpiece.:

Archive options

From there you can click Download ZIP file to download an archive of your project.

The archive contains information about your project in a non-Easel format. When extracted, you'll have the following files for each workpiece:

  • An SVG of the 2D design
  • A file containing any notes you added
  • A file containing the project settings

Example folders

This data could be used to carve your project in another tool, if desired, or just give you peace of mind that you have a local copy of your work.